pork patties

For this Fictional Food Friday, I picked a dish from a book series I recently discovered. Miss Mabel’s School for Girls is the first book of a young adult fantasy series set in a world full of witches. You can check out my review here. This book is highly enjoyable, and mentions lots of great food. Very early on, Miss Celia has made a wonderful sounding dinner and our heroine tells us, “A pork chop with apple gravy landed on my plate.” Because I had ground pork in the freezer, I opted to make pork patties with apple gravy instead of chops. They turned out wonderfully!

For the pork patties themselves, I used the relevant portion of this recipe. The apple in the patties ties in beautifully with the apple gravy. I used Fuji apples and left out the lemon zest. The beauty of using these patties instead of chops is the added flavor. Pork chops are great, but can be bland if not prepared correctly. These babies will never be bland!

For the gravy, I used this recipe. There are many options out there for apple gravy or other apple based sauces. The thing that caught my eye here was the apple brandy. It adds an extra kick of apple flavor and sweetness that goes with the pork wonderfully. I also used Fuji apples in this and subbed chicken broth for the beef broth, since it’s a milder flavor and complements the pork well.

Everyone in the family enjoyed this dish. I served it with roasted asparagus, which was a perfect side dish. If you make it, tell us what you thought! And, be sure to pick up Miss Mabel’s School for Girls!

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