goal oriented

As the month draws to a close, it’s time to take a look at our January goals and see how we did.

1. No-spend January

I’m pretty happy about this one. My impulsive purchases were almost non-existent. I spent a total of $24.47 that was unplanned. Of that, twenty dollars went to a charitable donation in honor of a friend’s late daughter. I would spend that money every time, no question. The other $4.47 went for a sample DVD of a workout I’ve been eyeing. I said I wouldn’t be doing any workout DVDs in my fitness goal, but this is one I’ve been interested in for a while. A sample DVD for the price of shipping was worth it to me to give it a try.

2. Earn an extra $200

This one was achieved pretty quickly but there is one big caveat. I cashed in our change jar. That alone came out to $204.96. I also returned all our cans and bottles for the deposit, sold several items on eBay, and generated a bit extra with my side hustle, Geek Chic Collective, LLC, that I run with a friend. My grand total for the month was $263.23.

3. Move more

Technically, I achieved this one. I definitely moved more than normal. I did not work out four times every week, however, which was the concrete number I had set for myself. I’m not discouraged, though. I’m proud that I improved and will keep working to reach the level I’d like.

4. Post to Cooking the Book three times

Haha. Nope. Not even once. Oh well, can’t win’em all! I do have several dishes that I’ve been working on so February is looking better!

February Goals

With January over, it’s time to set some new goals. I’m all about habit-building and consistency, so the January goals remain in place and these will be added to the mix. The one exception is the no-spend goal. I will be doing some purchasing this month, so keeping it low (less than $100?) will be the measure.

February’s goals all center on organizing and beautifying my living space.

1. Purge craft supplies

I pick up crafts as often as I pick up books. It’s time for a serious evaluation of which ones I’m going to keep up with and which ones were a one time fling. If it was a fling, out it goes!

2. Organize my book shelves.

My available storage for books is nowhere near as extensive as some people’s and it’s often overly packed. I’ve made a decision to purge some that I have read once and will likely never read again. I want to build a collection of beautiful editions that I will not only read over and over again, but that will make me happy just by looking at my shelves.

3. Redo our bedroom ceiling

Okay, I know that one sounds weird, but hang with me for a sec. Our partially finished basement has a bedroom that we’ve used as a guest room for the past 14 years. We plan on converting it to our master bedroom within the next year. The first thing I need to do is spruce up the ceiling and so February is my ceiling month.

How are you doing on any goals or resolutions that you set? Tell us all about your progress or get a little encouragement!