goal oriented

Alright, you’ve had some time to set some of the goals we talked about here. Now what? What does it mean to be goal oriented? How hard is this going to be? Let’s delve a little deeper.

Getting Started

First, being goal oriented does not mean that you have to be hyper-focused and in a constant state of overdrive. Those conditions can be great if you are striving toward a big goal or a have set yourself a short timeline, but they can also cause stress and discord. It’s okay to work on your goals in short bursts or set intervals. Be mindful of how you and your family function. Know that some people may reach their goals sooner than you reach yours and be okay with that. This project is all about reaching a place of peace and happiness for you. Everyone will find their harmony in different places, ways, and at different times.

To reach your goals, you’re going to need to decide what changes you are willing to make to get there. Are you going to give up your daily coffee shop visit and put that money aside for your African Safari? Are you going to start up a side hustle to make the money to pay for your kids’ college tuition? Will you cut back on your hours at work to be able to spend more time caring for an aging parent? Some goals will require large changes, others will just take a tweak or two, but you can’t get somewhere new if you keep walking the same road. It’s very important that you make changes you can stick to without feeling frustrated or deprived. 

Moving Forward

As we continue, we’re going to spend some quality time exploring ways to make and/or save money, ideas to free up some time, and tiny changes that can make huge differences in how you feel mentally and physically. These are tips that have come from my years of trying, failing, and trying again to get where I’ve planned on going. I hope some of them speak to you and get you excited about all the possibilities in front of you!

Today’s Tip

My tip for today is: cook at home. You will save a ton of money, have more control over what you’re putting in your body, and save yourself some time. Don’t know much about cooking? That’s perfectly fine! You don’t need to be a trained chef to get a tasty, healthy meal on the table. Stay with us here at The Love Eclectic and you’ll get great recipes as well as basic cooking tips. And you’re going to be awesome!

Let’s get started with a great basic recipe card that you can print and use to get that great recipe that Judy always brings to the office potluck*.

*It might not be Judy and it might not be an office, but I bet you know someone who makes something delicious!