february goals

Hello my darlings! I hope your February was lovely and that you achieved everything you set out to achieve. Did I reach my February goals, you ask? No. No, I did not. Not even close. I spent more money than I planned, I worked out less than I planned, and I did not do a thing to work on the home renovations that I had hoped to get started. Side hustles were slow and I only posted one fictional food blog.

Look, some months are like that. Am I disappointed? A little, but I’m not going to let it get me down. If I let my lack of accomplishments send me down a hole of self-loathing and despair, I’m not going to be any use to anyone. So, here I go. I’ll pick myself up and begin again.

March Goals

1. Pay off credit card.

We have one credit card with a balance left over from vacation spending along with some of that home renovation stuff I’ve mentioned. The balance is down to a point where I can absolutely pay it off by the end of March.

2. Pay off car.

Remember that one car we own? It’s really close to being completely ours. Once I pay off the credit card, I should be able to also pay off the rest of our car loan. Especially, if the side hustles are a bit more lucrative this month.

3. Move more

Yep. This one is staying right here.

4. Blog a fictional food each week.

I’m happy with the idea of doing “Fictional Food Friday” every week here on this blog. That’s my plan at the moment.

5. $200 extra.

Yep. This is one is staying too.

What are you’re goals for March? How are the goals you set earlier in the year going? Tell us here or over on Facebook!