the simple living guide

My inspiration to live a simpler life came years ago in the form of The Simple Living Guide by Janet Luhrs. At the time, I was on a very different path. I was working to afford a house I didn’t really want in a job I didn’t really love. I bought things I didn’t need because I was “supposed” to have them (see my above house comment.) Then I ended up in a book of the month club that was focused on holistic, wellness, and spiritual books. I don’t remember any other book I ever got from that club, but The Simple Living Guide resonated with me from the very moment I opened it.

My very well-worn copy.

A Simpler Life

The Guide showed me another way. A way that I had never really thought possible. It told me stories of people that lived happily off the grid, but it also illustrated that you could live simply in a mainstream world. That living simply was a choice and a mindset more than anything. Ironically, many simple living resources promote a brand of simple that takes more money than many people have. Tiny houses. Homesteads. Land. You can absolutely live simply in that fashion, but you can live simply without changing where you live or work. As time passes, I hope that this blog can show you how my very middle class family lives our version of simplicity. I also hope that whether you have much more or much less money than we do, you are inspired to simplify in your own way.

No matter what your income or ultimate goals, I believe everyone should read The Simple Living Guide. You don’t have to desire a tiny house or to disappear from society. Simple living is as individualized as every other aspect of our lives. No matter where you are on that spectrum this book will have something to offer you. Grab your copy and tell me what you think of it!

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