diy book corners

I love to read. I know many of you do, as well. While e-readers have exploded in popularity, and mine serves me well, I still prefer reading a real, live book. When enjoying a book, the dilemma of marking your place becomes a thing. Some people have a collection of bookmarks always at the ready. I am not organized enough to be one of those people. In fact, I’m sad to report that I accidentally returned my very favorite bookmark to my local library in a book I had recently finished. I’m not quite over that one… I’ve even folded over the corners of pages before. I know. I’m a monster. But, in my defense, I was reading in bed and was desperate.

In any case, it’s always handy to know how to make a fun bookmark. This is a really great activity to do with kids. It’s also perfect if you need a little something to go with a book or gift card that you’re giving the reader in your life. Show us the book corners you make in the comments or over on Facebook!

Let’s Get Crafty!

There are a couple of ways to make these. There is an origami version and a version with less folding and a little cutting. I like the second version because it’s nice and smooth and not too bulky. If you’d like to try the origami version, there’s a great tutorial here.

1.Start with a square piece of paper; 5″x5″ or 6″x6″ will give you the best results. Origami paper, scrapbooking paper, or construction paper will all make a pretty and sturdy book corner. 

2. Fold the square horizontally and vertically. Unfold, leaving four squares marked by the creases.

3. Cut off one of the squares, following the crease lines.

4. Flip the remaining 3-square arrangement over and, on the corner opposite the one you just removed, fold down the top corner to the center of the paper, forming a triangle. Glue the flap down. Alternatively, if you’re using thick paper, you can cut the square in half to form the triangle.

5. Finally, fold the two remaining squares back along the creases. They will overlap. Glue them together to complete the bookmark.

Once you get the hang of the basic construction, use your imagination to transform your book corner into anything you want! Here’s my hubs with the reindeer book corner he made at a local Christmas event. For more inspiration, check out these ideas on Pinterest.