warm spiced milk

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Have you seen Rogue One yet? It is so good, you guys. I mean, I am a huge Star Wars nut. Huge. It’s a fairy tale where the Princess is also a General. She gets to be in charge and in love. As a young girl, that spoke to me. It still does, but so do all the other story lines that pop up. Rogue One is a really amazing Star Wars movie, but it’s also a really amazing movie. The characters are well developed, the plot is intricate without being confusing, and the action sequences are top-notch. Since it appears that the Erso family enjoyed some Bantha Milk on their own farmstead, I thought this would be a perfect time to revisit an old favorite and kick it up a notch.

bantha milk for the adult crowd

Full disclosure: I wrote that first paragraph before the death of Carrie Fisher. So, while this post began as a chance for me to gush about the magic that is Rogue One, it has become a chance to mourn our Princess. At this point it has been shown over and over how much more than Princess Leia she really was. She was a fierce feminist and advocate for mental health. She was a brilliant writer. I’m not going to rehash every accomplishment. I’m simply going to toast her radiance. What better beverage to post our Royal Worshipfulness than some Boozy Bantha Milk, courtesy of the video from Total Nerd that follows. Of course, you can make this version for the young Padawans in your life.

bantha milk for the adult crowd

This is a lovely drink. Creamy and sweet, with a bit of a kick, just like Leia herself. Rest easy Princess.