candy bar martini

Sometimes you need a candy bar. Sometimes you’d like that candy bar to come in the form of a delicious cocktail. It happens. For today’s Thirsty Thursday drink, I came up with a candy bar martini that will definitely satisfy your sweet tooth.

Now, this cocktail involves a few ingredients that you might not have in your home bar. Feel free to substitute with a similar liquor or check out your local liquor store. They might have a small bottle of whatever you’re looking for. Or, just go for it and buy a big bottle. It will last virtually forever and you will probably end up using it as you become a great home mixologist!

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My favorite candy bar since forever is a Snickers®. It’s the perfect snack. So, I decided to make a drink that hit the same flavor notes. This drink is fairly simple, but is easily dressed up if you want to be impressive. And who doesn’t want to be impressive?

First gather your supplies. You’ll need: a martini glass, shaker with ice, creme de cacao, amaretto, caramel vodka, chocolate syrup (optional), and heavy cream (optional.)

If you’re being impressive, drizzle some chocolate syrup inside the glass. You could also rim the glass with chocolate syrup. It’s just as impressive and will cut the sweetness a bit. Next add 2 parts caramel vodka, 1 part creme de cacao, and 1 part amaretto in your shaker and shake away! Strain the cold cocktail into your prepped glass. Finally, if you want, add a float of heavy cream for a nifty layered look and a bit of added creaminess.

Tips and Tricks
  • If you want the creaminess, but don’t care about the layered look, you can stir the cream in to the mix.
  • No shaker? Just stir everything up in a large glass or measuring cup with ice.
  • Want to be even more impressive? Carefully skewer a mini Snickers® to use a garnish.

I can’t wait to hear how you enjoyed this drink! Head on over to Facebook and tell us all about it!

Candy Bar Martini

Inspired by my favorite candy bar, this drink is the perfect way to end your day!
Prep Time5 mins
Course: Drinks
Keyword: Cocktail, Martini
Servings: 1


  • 2 part caramel vodka
  • 1 part amaretto
  • 1 part creme de cacao
  • drizzle chocolate syrup optional
  • 1 tbsp heavy cream optional


  • Drizzle chocolate syrup in martini glass, if desired.
  • Shake vodka, amaretto, and creme de cacao with ice.
  • Strain into glass.
  • Float cream on top of liquor, if desired.